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We like it weird.

Whoa there, not like that. (Or at least it’s far too early on in our relationship to discuss such things.) What we mean is that we like weird ideas. Strange and kooky solutions. The more an idea or concept stands out, the better. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean the strangest ideas always make it to the end of the process (poor, misshapen toys that they are), but in our experience, at the very least, strange ideas often introduce a new way of looking at a problem. The oddest notion can lead to better, more conventional ideas.

Of course, sometimes even the very strangest notion gets wings and flies high. We love it when that happens.
But one thing is certain; no matter how focused we are on your bottom line, on pushing your numbers in the right direction, the journey there should never be boring.

Consider that our weirdness guarantee.

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So is

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