Sigillet Fastighets AB.

Corporate Identity, Website, Magazine Design etc

Sigillet is a real estate company located in central Gothenburg, Sweden. As part of our ongoing work with Sigillet, Buddy designed and produced a new visual identity for the company and applied it to a range of materials.

Part of this assignment was redesigning their customer magazine, Kvadratmeter. Here, we designed a new look and feel for the magazine, including new headers, templates, and graphics – all designed to work in harmony with the company’s primary visual identity. Another part of the assignment was the creation of a photo library to be used in corporate and customer communications and creating concept logos and brochures.

Buddy has also produced the company’s website, creating a responsive design that is equally attractive on all platforms. The site enables Sigillet to easily print out prospect descriptions directly from the website and to chat with customers and prospects through one and the same interface.