Logo work

We take pride in developing logos for a range of companies, from tiny to terribly large. Whatever the size, a good logo should reflect the identity of the company, stand out in a crowd, and help consumers identify with the company. These pages provide a selection of logos we have created to do just that.

Relaton is a Real Estate company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our graphic idea was based around satellite photos of roof tops. A unique way to show the company’s core business.

Modern Start is a charity organization that repurposes computers and donates them to those in need. The logo is built around the idea of the classic Red Cross – the world’s most famous aid organization – combined with a circuit board. A quick way of showing what the company is all about.

Realla is a consulting and development company that is active in the real estate segment. For the logo, we combined a stylish and clean building profile with a paper clip. Connecting the area of operations with the office based work the company does.

VisitLaholm is the portal through which visitors can discover all that there is to see and do in Laholms Kommun. Buddy was given the assignment of creating a logo that would work under the muncipality’s main graphic profile while simultaneously creating a welcoming, visitor-friendly look for the portal.