Hede Fashion Outlet

New Corporate profile and identity | Sales Campigns

Freeport becomes Hede Fashion Outlet

After being acquired by a global outlet company, outlet mall Freeport needed to update their profile to coexist with the parent company while at the same time trying to reach a new and expanded target group. The company had successfully increased its consumer awareness for several years, recording record sales and profits for the mall. The challenge therefore, was to not just maintain sales and awareness during a transitionary period, but to increases sales and awareness while shifting out the very identity that consumers had built an affinity and identification for.

New name, new look, new everything

Buddy was selected to carry out the project. After conferring with both the local management and global management, we researched the global outlet trends, consumer behavior trends, and local/regional spending habits. We then presented a modernized, fresher graphic profile combined with an entirely new name and marketing approach, designed to maintain attention and interest with the existing target groups while attracting attention and purchases from new and growing target groups.

In addition to the existing target groups consisting of budget conscious women in the areas surrounding Gothenburg, Buddy helped identify new target groups consisting of brand/budget conscious urban dwellers, brand loyals in all geographic areas, and tourists/visitors to the region.

Advertising materials

Needing to attract and motivate both inner city dwellers as well as regional residents and tourists, we chose to use a wide range of materials. We utilized trams and large displays in inner GBG in order to raise awareness in the inner city, and combined this with newspaper ads, radio spots, flyers, pamphlets, social media, and a proper web presence in order to reach the other target groups.