Brand Identity

Through our years working with Hasselblad, Buddy has helped the company through several revisions of its graphic identity. These revisions have been needed to present a modern profile in an ever-changing market, and to keep up with new developments and new products.

Our very first graphic overhaul for Hasselblad was the largest it had ever undertaken and represented a major shift for the company. Hasselblad – and its foreign subsidiaries – had no cohesive front towards the market, with each geographic market having developed its own look and feel and own marketing materials. Messaging and appearance were vastly different from one market to another.

Getting everyone onboard and enthused about the new identity required a great deal of diplomacy and balance as well as clear and well thought out communication throughout the organization.

Buddy arrived at a modern look and feel, yet one that still had clear connections to the company’s heritage. We then produced an easy-to-grasp explanation of the style/graphic guidelines and creative platform, one that conveyed the meaning behind the changes and communications shift that Hasselblad was implementing.

Our concept was based on urging photographers to live in the moment, to be a part of the world around them, to explore the boundaries of photography. To ”Be There”.

The spreads shown in the images above helped explain how these ideals tied in to the concrete product features and benefits inherent in the Hasselblad system.