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Buddy is a big agency in a very small package.

By that we mean that the handful of people that make up the core of Buddy have a wealth of experience and expertise in a wide range of disciplines. We bring all this to small and medium sized companies that cannot (and should not) pay for larger agencies’ layers of hierarchy and organization when all they really should be paying for is the final result. Buddy provides large agency talent and expertise, just in a more economical container.

Despite our size, we are a full-service agency and partner with outside expertise when and where needed (though we have handled large-scale clients and campaigns all on our own). We can help your company to look better, communicate better, and sell better – with an approach that matches all sizes of operations and all budgets.

Buddy’s core is:

Frank Britt


An American (until recently, even unapologetically so), born and raised in that strange land to the west, Frank has spent most of his adult life in Europe. He brings to the table that no-nonsense style of advertising, marketing and branding that his country is known for, but tempers it with a healthy dash of European and Scandinavian sensibilities and aesthetics. Frank has lived in five different countries (the US, England, France, Spain, and Sweden), attended six universities, and worked with a range of things too lengthy to mention. These experiences (far from being just a waste of time as his mother claimed), bring a wealth of experience to every project. A copywriter and strategist, a storyteller, business developer, boundary pusher, dreamer, and pragmatist.
Frank has also been blessed by a temple elephant. Three times. (But he’s rather sure that only two of them worked).

Magnus Pehrsson

Art Direction/Digital/Production

With his roots in far-off Halmstad, Magnus Pehrsson (with an H), has been a faux-Gothenburger for twenty years now. His accent, however, and his love for his mother’s meatballs, remains.
Magnus has worked in the advertising arena his entire life, beginning his first job in the industry at the age of five (or at least it seems that way). He has worked with a wide array of clients, from rock stars to underwear and everything in between. Magnus is a compulsive problem-solver (a useful psychological twist in this business) and has a keen interest in the digital world, its applications, and usefulness from a marketing perspective. Magnus also has a passion (and thankfully, talent) for design, and has created logos, websites, and profiles for mucho many companies and clients, covering everything from advanced corporate graphic profiles and to simple personal logos and everything in between.