Branding is not dead.
Or is it?

Much as we hate to use buzz words, here one comes barreling down at you. Paradigm shift. There, it’s over. Sorry, but it had to be done. You can check out kitten videos later. Ready to continue?

Consumer communication has, if you hadn’t already noticed, changed a lot in recent years. It is no longer enough to broadcast outwards, to shoot your arrows into the air and hope they hit. In fact, we might as well go ahead and say it: you’re not really in charge of communication anymore. There, there. Have a seat. Take a breath. It’s actually OK.

Today’s consumers are now in charge of the flow of communication. Like it or not, there it is. They decide where, and when they will take part in your communication. Or if they will allow it past their crap filter at all. Understanding that recipe – and working with it – is what we do.

And at the risk of getting dangerously close to more buzzy type words, when we meet, we’re going to say things like ‘engagement’ and ‘involvement’ a lot. What we mean is that these days, all successful brand communication is focused on the people who see and interact with the brand, not merely what a company wants to say.

In order to effectively influence people’s thoughts and actions, it is essential that you understand the people you are talking to and that they are the main focal point of your brand messaging. Only after your target audience (again with the buzz words) feels that your brand understands them can a relationship between them and the brand truly begin to flourish. And this is where we focus first and foremost – identifying the people you are talking to, and understanding their needs, wants, and aspirations. And then making sure we communicate in a way that is just that – communication, not just propaganda.

Great content is the essence of this conversation.

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6 November, 2017

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