Another Value Statement.


Some of our pet peeves:

People who talk during movies.

Under spiced foods.

Complainers and whiners.

Cheap paper.

Bad sushi.

We also don’t like working for clients who lack passion and soul. You know, the type that are trying to convince you that without their shirt or cologne or mouthwash your life will never reach its full potential. The ones that tell you your sex life will be better, your future more bright, hell that it’s a wonder that you are still alive at all without the benefit of their extra special whatever.

That being said, we are strong believers in the fact that most good companies have special qualities, that most good products are poorly understood, and that with the right approach, we can help you get your target audience to understand why they should throw their hard earned cash at just your product. And we don’t feel that we need to lie or manipulate or cast aspersions on people’s sexuality or lifestyle choices to reach that goal.

And THAT being said, if you really love your children and give a hoot about the planet in general, for the love of all that’s holy, give us a call.

There’s nothing wrong with scrolling.

Life is Hard;
So is

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Ideas with Legs.

Selling Ice
to Eskimos.

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The other side of curiosity.


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Get you
some Buddy!

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Sure we've got
value statements.


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"Be an artist
on your own time!"

The Image

The Digital

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Being nice
never hurt
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Questions, questions.

So, again,
who is Buddy?

So why work
with Buddy?

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more about

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Already in love?
Let's hook up
for god's sake!

Anything else, Buddy?

6 November, 2017

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