What’s so
uber special with us?

If you’re looking for a competent production partner – we can do that. But so can a lot of others. And truth be told, most of the larger agencies are really quite good at handling the ins and outs of complicated productions. Don’t get us wrong – so are we. But being able to bring in a project that has a lot of moving parts on time and on budget is, in our opinion, merely being a serious professional with experience. And we are. But so are a lot of others.

So why choose Buddy?

If you’re looking for communicative or selling text, then we’ve also got you covered. But again, even that isn’t terribly unique these days among the better agencies in Sweden. We can, however, do it in both Swedish or English, so there’s that.

So why choose Buddy?

If you’re looking for a skilled graphic partner who can pretty up your designs and ensure that you put your best face forward – well we can do that in our sleep. But, again, so can most of the better agencies. We do, however, try to do it smarter, with our eyes on your goals, not ours. So, there’s that too.

So why choose Buddy?

If you need a partner who can help you develop and execute a marketing or business strategy and a communications strategy to support it, then we’re on top of it. And fine, not every agency can offer that, but the bigger ones, the best ones certainly do. But will they argue for your product or project as if it were their own?, will they try to think not just outside the box, but in a whole other galaxy than the box?, will they think further, deeper, longer, than needed in order to provide your with the best possible strategy? Well, we do.

So there’s that.

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Life is Hard;
So is

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Ideas with Legs.

Selling Ice
to Eskimos.

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The other side of curiosity.


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Get you
some Buddy!

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Sure we've got
value statements.


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"Be an artist
on your own time!"

The Image

The Digital

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Being nice
never hurt
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Questions, questions.

So, again,
who is Buddy?

So why work
with Buddy?

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6 November, 2017

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