Selling ice to Eskimos.

So, this has always puzzled us. Just why would someone want to sell another someone something that they really don’t need? And if you did manage to sell ice to an Eskimo, exactly how do you think that the Eskimo would feel after you deliver your ice and fly home and they stand there with their new city ice, suddenly realizing that they have been surrounded by better, organic ice all along?

And how do you think that Eskimo will react when you try to sell them something else in the future?

How long would it take for that Eskimo to get back to their igloo, tug off their mittens, and fire up their tablet or smart phones and start raking you over the coals on Facebook, Twitter, Eskimo Chat, or whatever other social media platforms they have up there?

And once you are known as an ice scammer, how will your existing and future clients react?

We believe that true sales isn’t really about sales at all; it’s about helping customers or consumers find appropriate, interesting, and innovative solutions to their challenges, needs or opportunities. The best salesmen don’t sell. They consult. They guide. They provide insight. And we want to help you create marketing that does the same.

After all, what have you gained if you’ve sold something to someone who doesn”t need what you have sold them?

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Ideas with Legs.

Selling Ice
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"Be an artist
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Being nice
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6 November, 2017

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