Living up to

Some companies will promise most anything to potential customers, focusing on the sale, not what the product actually delivers – or on the customer’s satisfaction after their purchase. Some companies spend a great deal of time trying to manage customer reactions. They haunt the web forums and chat rooms and some even try to fake positive reviews and comments.

Either way, no matter how well these strategies used to work, they are now doomed to fail. Think of the Internet as a huge, lightning fast consumer report publication. Anything that can be known about your product will be known. And that includes – naturally – all the stuff that isn’t perhaps so great. There is no longer anywhere to hide. The great spotlight of connectivity is shining on us all.

Beyond that, if you anger or alienate customers, the word will spread like wildfire. Each day we see news about a politician or celebrity or company that succumbs to some scandal or another, with careers, futures, and sales disappearing not just overnight, but in the flash of an instant.

So how can you best manage the ruthless onslaught of Internet peer reviews and the instant spread of Instagram? Simple. By not having to manage it so much to begin with.

Sure, we can help you manage negative PR and negotiate the troubled waters of public customer feedback, but the best thing we can help you to do is to avoid this trouble to begin with.

It all comes down to building up the right expectations and then living up to them.

By accurately and honestly communicating the most beneficial points about your product, and holding your company to a strict “no bullshit” code, you can avoid the justified ire of disgruntled consumers. And avoiding a deep hole is always better than trying to climb out of one.

We pride ourselves on finding the best way to communicate the best things about your product. And in a way that makes customers happy or satisfied, not pissed off.

So, go on, let the light shine in.

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6 November, 2017

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