An unseen strategy
is sometimes the best strategy.

We can’t show you all the time and effort that goes into developing a solution or strategy for a client, we can only show you the sharp and shiny bits that protrude above the surface. And while it’s those bits that get all the attention, as any sailor can tell you, it’s what lies under the surface that makes all the difference. For better or worse.

The nuts and bolts of a good strategy are never seen in its ultimate impact. But they’re there. Under the surface is where all the thinking and discussing and head scratching takes place. Under the surface is where such weighty things as client identification and profiling, or behavioral and motivational analysis take place. Above the surface is the (hopefully) sharp and shiny tip, the “business end” of your strategy.

So, a lot of what we do is never seen, some of it never even results in an ad or a brochure or a site. Never gets posted or tweeted or liked. But it’s still super important. Just ask anyone who has a boat.

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Life is Hard;
So is

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Ideas with Legs.

Selling Ice
to Eskimos.

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The other side of curiosity.


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some Buddy!

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Sure we've got
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"Be an artist
on your own time!"

The Image

The Digital

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Being nice
never hurt
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Questions, questions.

So, again,
who is Buddy?

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6 November, 2017

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