Are you seeing
the whole picture?

First, some tough love. Not everyone is interested in your product. Not everyone cares about what you do or produce. And that’s as it should be. Even the most popular product in the world doesn’t appeal to everyone. There, there, think of it this way: it’s not you, it’s them*.

People have different tastes, different needs, and wants. It’s ok. In marketing speak, naturally, we know that you have a specific target group or group in mind. We also know that you (hopefully) have a specific message in mind. But are you actually targeting the right group? Are you actually trying to communicate the right things to the right people?

Trying to communicate everything to everyone is doomed to fail.

We can help you ensure that you are using your marketing dollars in the wisest way possible and communicating the right thing to the right people in the right way. The first step is finding them, naturally. And we’re here to help.

*Of course, it might be you. That is, if you are trying to communicate the wrong message in the wrong way, then even identifying the right target groups won’t help so much. But not to worry, we can help you there too.

Oh yeah, so what’s with the gnome?

Scroll already.

Life is Hard;
So is

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Ideas with Legs.

Selling Ice
to Eskimos.

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The other side of curiosity.


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Get you
some Buddy!

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Sure we've got
value statements.


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"Be an artist
on your own time!"

The Image

The Digital

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Being nice
never hurt
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Questions, questions.

So, again,
who is Buddy?

So why work
with Buddy?

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more about

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Already in love?
Let's hook up
for god's sake!

Anything else, Buddy?

6 November, 2017

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