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Are You Looking at Me?

By 6 November, 2017 October 2nd, 2019 No Comments

Did you know of the over 220 species of nonhuman primates, only human beings show the whites of their eyes?

The whites of our eyes are much larger than other animals, which makes it easier for our fellow humans to see where our eyes are looking. This, in turn, enables us to communicate complex ideas in an easier fashion. To communicate all sorts of ideas, from which branch has the best berries to complicated emotions. This ability to communicate complex ideas is what separates us from other primates. It is the key to being human.

All communication starts on the surface, with where we look and what we see. The same is true for your company or brand. Communication starts on the surface. With what your customers or prospects see. And your graphic identity is your outward face, the first thing a potential client or partner sees.

We’ve all heard the phrases “first impressions last forever” and “dress for success”. Cliché, to be sure, but true. By ensuring that your company, brand, or product presents itself in a consistent and deliberate fashion, you are taking the first step towards successful communication of your core values. And this is the first step towards converting a prospect or selling a product.

Many companies try to cut financial corners by saving on their logo or graphic identity, perhaps by using a cut rate web service or a friend or relative. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. And in today’s crowded marketplace, a template based logo or profile will wind up looking exactly like what it is; an unoriginal, thoughtless, piece of clip art. A successful graphic identity is designed to help you increase your brand equity and increase sales. Saving money by creating an amateurish brand profile isn’t saving money at all; it’s sacrificing quality, brand value, and future sales.

An amateurish, unattractive or weak logo or profile makes your business look unprofessional and lazy. Prospective clients may well assume that they lack of interest you put into how you present your company indicates is reflected in the way you run your business. An unprofessional profile communicates that your company either does not understand the importance of having a consistent and effective visual identity or has not bothered to put any time or thought into it. And prospects and clients may well believe that you take the same approach to your products or business.

As much as we may be told to never judge a book by its cover, most of us do just that.

So make sure your cover tells the story you wish to tell. A strong, well thought out graphic identity – that communicates your company in a consistent and effective manner – is one of the easiest and most cost-effective tools your business can use to communicate your values and message to the consumer. If you want to be seen as playful, have a playful identity. If you want to be taken seriously, have a serious profile. If you want to be seen as cheap or expensive then reflect that in the way you present your company.

So, begin communicating with your target audiences the very first second that they lay eyes on your product or brand. And do it without even saying a word.

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